Religion: “Life Is Good” By Musafir

Religion: “Life Is Good” By Musafiroct 18 religion

The other day I got this sad news that one of my friends’ son in India committed suicide. He was a successful computer engineer with all the gizmos and amenities in the world that he could have. How could a young man so successful decide to end his life? Did a dark emptiness lie hidden under the material achievements of his exterior self, something that I could not comprehend? This question kept tormenting me from inside.

Very recently some suicide cases made big news. Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain committed suicide. They were people that millions aspire to be. An international fashion designer of high repute, Kate, was beautiful, successful and full of life. Why even people so resourceful couldn’t handle their depression and ended up wrecking their lives and ending them? I am pretty sure that they must have consulted counselors and psychologists. Maybe science has not found a lasting cure for depression yet or, maybe, it’s not permanently curable by counseling and medicines alone.

Science has its limitations until it is complemented by religion. Science provides us comfort and convenience through material advancements, but it doesn’t teach us how to relish them for a lasting pleasure. In other words, science provides us means to be live but only religion teaches us the art of living. Most of us achieve bodily comfort without cultivating inner knowledge and intellect. And that is the problem.

Our educational system and parents teach us how to make a living not how to live life. We must teach our children and learn ourselves about other two faculties, mind and intellect through religion. Religion is not only about rituals and stories. Religion teaches us how to obtain harmony in our lives by balancing body, mind and intellect. If the religious practices we follow are void of this essential ingredient (harmony through balancing body, mind and intellect) then it is not religion. Probably, it should qualify as a myth or something akin to black magic.

Lastly, religion also teaches us that happiness is the true nature of man, fear is not. We should decide to remain happy in all circumstances. What will ultimately happen will happen. We can only do our karma and hope for the best. Not only Gita and other scriptures but even Shakespeare said:

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,”

Life is good; enjoy it. Just thinking!


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