Friday Fun: “Trumpophrenia” By Musafir

Jan 19 trumpophobiaMy friend is very sick. I just returned home after visiting him in a mental ward. I remember he used to be a reasonable guy. Then he retired and got hooked on CNN, MSNBC and (occasionally Fox News). His wife described his symptoms to me as follows:
• He is afraid that Trump may deport him to his old country and place his US born children and grandchildren in concentration camps.
• He gets nightmares that Trump will snatch his children’s toys and confiscate his bank account.
• He fears that Trump will molest female members of his family.
• He often shakes imagining that evil white men (who made laws to give equal rights to all and who sacrificed millions of their own lives to emancipate slaves) will come in mobs and will take away his house and throw him on streets.
• He is obsessed with the thought that Trump is out there to sell the United States to Putin for a hefty price since he (Trump) is such a traitor.
• He suffers from delusion that Trump is out there to ruin NATO by asking the Europeans to pay their share of the enormous cost born by America.
• He sublimates that Trump is involved in a systematic destruction of our economy.
• Sometimes he gets violent thinking that the US economy is in a gutter and the businesses are closing their doors or moving out of America.
• He hallucinates thinking vicariously that his fellow citizens are losing their jobs and unemployment is growing in America.
• He shudders and shakes fearing that Trump is hell bent on engineering a complete meltdown of U.S. trade.
• He gets convulsions thinking that Trump is making the European gods furious and they (the altruist Europeans) are going to isolate us from the rest of the world.
• He rattles imagining that Trump will ban his favorite news channels.

According to the attending physician, “People with Trumpophrenia often run naked on streets. This can make it hard for them to hold a job, run errands, have friendships, and even go to the doctor. Although unlike schizophrenia, it’s not a lifelong illness, one can take medicines and find help to stop symptoms or make them easier to live with.”

He (the physician) told my friend’s wife to make sure that he avoids participating in organized protests where use of marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, or other stimulants is quite rampant. Recreational drugs may keep antipsychotic drugs from working well. They can also make his paranoia worse.

The silver lining is that once his delusions are under control, counseling, rehab and abstinence from watching news can help him to be accepted in society again since he may be able to get along with others, take care of himself, and have friends again.

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