Commentary: “Put All the Preachers and Fanatics to Real Work” By Anil Shrivastava, Musafir’

Commentary: “Put All the Preachers and Fanatics to Real Work” By Anil Shrivastava, Musafir’
holyman 1I am tired of egoists, demagogues and hypocrites claiming religious superiority, interpreting religion to suit their intentions and mobilizing their followers to fight for their beliefs. My question to those preachers, zealots and fanatics is, “What have you done for humanity today?”
Don’t preach me religion; don’t claim being ‘holier than thou.’ Just do something to advance the lives of us homo-sapiens. Just do it and move on!
Go to the paddy fields instead and grow food to feed us. Become a construction worker and earn an honest living. Can’t do that? You are useless burden on society – a parasite sucking blood and infecting the masses with abomination and pungent cynicism.
Who gave these preachers and fanatics the right that they have the final word and we are not supposed to ever wonder or doubt them? I see them on busy intersections; I find them near parking garages yelling at people who are waiting for the crosswalk signal to say “walk.” It’s annoying to watch them screaming at passersby.
I find them in people’s houses performing illusionary miracles. I watch them on television programs running around the pulpit and curing the sick who, in reality, are paid actors who dance on their tunes. Together they put on a false appearance of religion – a shamming to believe what they are not.
These Satanic hypocrites have gotten much worse with their exposure to the Internet and social media. Now they can preach and mulct people from the comfort of their own mansions without any compunction. Even the Pope is an actor nothing more than a superstar on the world stage.
For them, religion is business and the business is booming. Untaxed land, untaxed contributions and business profits are making them rich. It’s no wonder religion is the biggest non-profit business all over the world. But what do they do with all that money? We forget that these are men and women just like us, and even those who stand on the pulpit can have greed and lust in their hearts. We often hear about the scandals surrounding those holy men and women almost every day. Many of them are involved in drugs, sex, and all the other sins they advise us to refrain from.
It’s time we put them to some real work. Send them one-way to Mars. We need to know what effect humans will have living in those circumstances. If they are so pious and eager to save us, make them guinea pigs for all new drugs and medical experiments. Ask them to give bath to homeless people and clean their feces on the streets of San Francisco. Send them to Afghanistan and other war zones to tame the enemies with their preaching. Somehow, get them out of my hair and from my life cuz I can’t tolerate them anymore.


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