Friday Fun: “Truth behind Ending the Shutdown” by Musafir

Friday Fun: “Truth behind Ending the Shutdown” by Musafir

I feel sorry for President Trump as his shutting down the government lasted only 35 days. He can’t be listed in the Guinness Book of world records. The crown goes to Belgium where they went without a Government for 541 days. Imagine! 541 days without having to hear politicians squabble! Wouldn’t even feel the need to go on vacation.

The Belgian factions were divided by language. The Flems versus the French. We are divided by right and left political factions. I wonder which is worse. At least when the Flems and the French argue they might not understand each other. Though we speak the same language, we don’t want to understand each other.

The former record was set by Iraq. They lived happily without a government for 248 days. I had expected Mr. Trump to do better than Iraq. George Bush, at least, beat Saddam Hussein at an expense of one trillion American dollars. So what? A win is a win, after all.

Hillary Clinton warned, “Americans can’t afford another day” and urged supporters to call their senators and “demand a vote to re-open.” She didn’t want Trump to beat her husband’s record of shutting down government for 21 days.

One really cool thing Hillary Clinton could have done was sneak a new government in without anyone noticing. She is good at these kinds of things such as destroying computer records using a hammer and getting away with that. She could have made it something fun by repeating her famous quotes, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life.”
It is suspected that Queen Elizabeth II of England was planning to seize the moment during the government shutdown and attempts to reclaim America for England.

Some say that the whole shutdown was plotted by the Indian techies. The story goes that Trump told one of them, “I’m having some trouble with my government.”

The techie answered, “Have you tried turning it off and on again.” You know where our president got the idea from? Trump seems to be worried about the Chinese and the Russians. How about them Indians?

It’s still a mystery why did Trump really end the shut down? It is rumored that Pelosi told Trump in a secret meeting that she would agree to fund a border wall if he (Donald Trump) left the country forever. Mr. Trump disagreed. However, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani suggested, “He should absolutely take this deal. I mean, if he stays in the country, Pelosi will ultimately put him in prison.”

The writer is busy finding the truth and will let you know what really happened when the smoke clears. Stay tuned!


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