Democracy ion India’s DNA -6 (Last Installment)


–Indian law says that nobody should travel more than 1.25 miles to vote

–As a result the officials trek through the mountains and jungle (15,000 feet above sea level) s in a tiger infested area to capture the vote of one person who is a hermit (see the picture below)

–2,293 political parties are contesting in the general election (though BJP and Congress parties are the main contenders)

–See the pics of mega road shows by two main candidates Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi (with her sister Priyank daring the crowd despite their father and grandmother were murdered –Rajiv and Indira Gandhi)

–8,000 candidates are running for 543 seats (2 are reserved for the Anglo-Indians)

–I million polling stations are set up across India

–11 million polling officials are deployed to oversee the election

–And our TV media keeps us in dark


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