Idle Thoughts: Spending Wasteful Time By Anil Shrivastava ‘Musafir’

spending timeI am going for a major surgery tomorrow (written on August 4, 2019). I had the same surgery done on me fifteen years ago. So, what has changed? I am retired now while after my first surgery, I went to work. Now I have more goofy time to waste everywhere. One thing for sure, I am not planning to plant trees every day or attend non-value-added office meetings anymore.

Another major difference between the two surgeries is that this time I have less time left on this earth. I read everywhere that this should give me a different perspective on life. I don’t exactly understand what does that mean. Should I spend less time on the Internet and social media? Should I read more than I already do? That will be quite boring I believe. Should I renounce all attachments and join Dalai Lama and convert to Buddhism? I am confused.

I enjoy leading a life that is completely kind of random, silly and uneventful. That’s about, how much I can think of doing until I get some better idea. The fact is that life is like our favorite movie that we have seen many times. Similarly, no matter what happens, we repeat the same cycle in life just like the New Year resolution which generally expires on February 28.

Whether I have a little bit of time or a lot of time, the only thing that really matters is how much of my time I can give to other people. That’s what I think I can do best without breaking a sweat or missing my favorite chair in the house. Plus, it’s free!

I know a lot of folks who live in isolation which is one of the under-reported miseries of humanity. I am pretty sure that I can make them happier with my company. I can start by helping someone in my family (say, my wife) in a small way – do the dishes, pick up after her, listen more and be extra kind.

I’ll indulge in the pleasure of doing small things instead of trying to reinvent the Internet or redesigning a better light bulb. I’ll live in the moment and be what I really am. Simplicity and honesty are like horse and buggy that keep the wheels in motion until we reach the last stop.

If I start giving my time with intention, every day, it can make a real difference in my life too. May be people will start to treat me differently because I will treat them differently. I’ll start to ask “how” can I do this, rather than “why.” Hey! That’s a nice idea. With that good thought, talk to you when I wake up after surgery. Good Night!

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