Commentary: “Global Warming Is Real No Matter What Anyone Says” by Anil Shrivastava ‘Musafir’

Jan 20 commentary 2

I don’t know, if the global warming is totally man made or not, but I know this much that it is real. It is obvious by increase in average global temperature, forest fires in the United States and recently in the Amazon rain forest. The fire in Amazon happened because of deforestation activities. It is no secret that natural calamities are occurring more frequently. Such disasters are rooted in climate change. It has been reported that Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, is sinking and so is New Orleans. Ice caps over Arctic are melting giving way to new sea routes. We don’t need any more evidence to realize that global warming is real. This exploitation of the earth’s resources will impact the future generation and that is exactly what is happening now.

Any new structure that we build must be part of nature and not exploit nature. As an evidence, the temperature in cities is higher than the periphery of cities where large green areas are available. This allows the heat to reflect from buildings and roads to dissipate, whereas in dense cities 70 per cent of the area is covered with buildings which re-radiate heat after absorbing solar heat and there is very little green area for the heat to dissipate. The frequent floods in Houston and Mumbai are the result of disappearing green space replaced with concrete. Whenever the earth is excavated for any construction and development, the flora and fauna and the remaining open area of the excavated soil around the building and structures must be restored to its original position.

Another warning: electric cars are not going to reduce global warning as long as we keep generating electricity using fossil fuels. Think about it. Go to the root cause of the problem.

Non-degradable plastic containers have become one of the major polluters of the environment; they choke the surface and underground sewers, water channels, sea beds and coral reef. There is need to reduce the use of plastics in the form of plastic bottles, carry bags and containers. Instead, glass, laminated cloth and jute bags and earthen containers are preferable. I for one have stopped using plastic and take reusable bags to buy groceries.

Man must take urgent action to restore whatever is destroyed in nature. The earth must be restored to its original state so that the next generation can inherit a sustainable living environment. It’s time to act, otherwise we won’t have much left to save.

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