“Now a Word about the #Deplorables” –by #AnilShrivastava, “#Musafir”

“Deplorables” is a synonym for the proletariats (working class) used by the liberal elites. This was introduced into the lexicon by their leader, Hillary Rodham Clinton during the 2016 presidential election to describe the working class who favored Donald Trump over her.
The hate and undermining of the proletariats by the bourgeois (middle-class elites) have been the reason for the last three major revolutions in modern history, viz. the French Revolution (1788-89), the Russian Revolution (1917) and the Chinese Revolution (1949).
Before the French Revolution took place, the upper class was always ensured a stable living while the French population was starving. The proletariats expressed their desperation and resentment toward a regime that imposed heavy taxes without providing any relief by rioting, looting and striking resulting in the beheadings of Louis XVI and his wife, Mary Antoinette.
History was repeated prior to the Russian Revolution as the capitalist bourgeoisie mercilessly exploited the proletariat. As a result, the Bolsheviks (later known as the Communists) under the leadership of Lenin came in power. Tsar Nicolas II and his family were gunned down.
The Chinese Revolution had a similar scenario that brought Mao Zedong to power. The then Prime Minister, Chiang-Kai Shek fled to the island of Formosa (now Taiwan).
Disturbingly, I see history repeating itself. The liberal elites, living a secured life, have no idea how the so called deplorables (proletariats) are providing us safety by sacrificing lives of their children in wars far away from home. The liberal elites don’t appreciate folks who labor to build our infrastructure for us to function; work in fields so that we can have food on our tables and start small businesses that employ others like them. The worst part is that these elites have a disdain for the working class. I remember going to a party (pre-Covid-19 era) where a gentleman sipping on scotch replied to me, ”What else do you expect those bums to do? They aren’t educated like our children!” The same person had left his old country to come to the US because he couldn’t have afforded the same status and riches there. He calls himself a liberal. Liberal to whom?
The so called deplorables are proud Americans (really, many of us use this phrase just as a cliché). They wave the American flag, they love motor sports, baseball and apple pie. Their forefathers came here much before we did. They built the highways and the byways, the justice system and they had the vision for human rights and the American way. My forefathers were not here before. We came here for a better life, the life that was already made available for us to avail of.
The so called deplorables want the economy to open up because their livelihood is hurting; their children need food and they want dignity not handouts. The Congress just passed another 3 trillion dollars in the name of Coronavirus. Of course, it will be a DOA (dead on arrival) in the Senate. I wonder why not take one trillion out of there and start infrastructure programs. That will give employment to so called deplorables and will expand the economy.
I’d like to quote Peggy Noonan. Her article, “Scenes from the Class Struggle in Lockdown” appeared in the Wall Street Journal on May 14, 2020. She wrote, “There is a class divide between those who are hard-liner on lockdowns and those who are pushing back. We see the professionals on one side—those James Burnham called the managerial elite, and Michael Lind, in “The New Class War,” calls “the overclass”—and regular people on the other. The overclass are highly educated and exert outsize influence as managers and leaders of important institutions—hospitals, companies, statehouses. The normal people aren’t connected through professional or social lines to power structures, and they have regular jobs—service worker, small-business owner.”
It is time we come down from our ivory towers and meet common Joe who makes our lives worth living every day, if not out of love then out of fear.
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