Out of My Mind: “It Was A Nice Day” by ‘Musafir’

I was asked again, “How do you spend time during self-quarantine.”

“Well. I wake up late, very late. That kills the morning – completely so. Then I get on social media. Social media is a big town. I meet nearly everyone walking there on a daily basis for a lot of things, such as status updates, photo sharing, preaching, providing corona remedies and general chatting. That would have irritated me in pre-corona days. Now, that’s my only social contact that I can look forward to. Beggars can’t be choosers. Can they?”

Half the year is already gone and I am still self-quarantined and, finally, I am lovin it. This has definitely changed me for better as I have learned to appreciate people more. I am patient with them and respect their views no matter how stupid they can be. I don’t argue with them anymore. What else is there to do, anyway? I don’t want them to block or delete me.

One of my nagging friends called me to settle an old score and shouted over the phone, “You have to put two and two together. Remember, 2 plus 2 will always be 4 no matter what your opinion is.”

 Usually I would have tried one-upmanship on him but this time I replied, “Wow my friend I totally agree with you. I like how you added 2 and 2 together and got 4. Very insightful!”

Another friend of mine always gives me inspirational lectures because I look uninspired most of the time. Today his sermon was on hope. “Look at the brighter side. Look up, the sky is blue.”

Though it was pouring where I was, I replied, “I totally agree with what you said. I like how you used the color blue as a form of imagery to describe the sky that was such a powerful statement you made.”

Another friend of mine who is frustrated with Corona situation wrote on Facebook, “Life sucks.”

“I completely agree with you one hundred percent. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to a brighter and more enlightening future! Have a glorious day,” I replied.

There are some questions that are impossible to answer. Someone posted on twitter: “Does anyone know how people in 1918 did their pandemic without the internet?”

Someone wanted to know, “How to propose to a girl during quarantine?”

That took care of most of my day. I realize that I have become very observant during these Corona confinement days. I observed a spider and realized that it was the best web designer.

Who said that sports were dead? I watched the birds fight over a worm from my window. The Cardinals led the Blue Jays 3–1. 

I also found out that the best way to avoid touching my face was holding wine glasses in both my hands.

Oh! Tomorrow is Monday. I love Mondays. That’s our garbage day. I get so excited; I can’t decide what to wear. After all, I’ll be seeing some of my neighbors and will say Hi to them! 

Well friends, that was quite a nice and productive day. Finally, it’s 11 pm, I got to remove my day pajamas and put on my night pajamas now. Good night!

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