Easiest Way To Learn Html5 and Css3 Coding


There is a new course for the beginners to learn Internet coding. It is called “Easiest Way to Learn HTML5 and CSS3 Coding©”. This is a self-paced course guaranteed to remove the veil from the mystery of Internet coding.

As the course’s title indicates, this class is intended to be easy. This course is a gateway to learning higher level Internet coding in the future. By the end of this course, the learners will know enough to create web pages from scrap. WebGraf (the company that designed this course) guarantees this.

This class teaches two Internet related languages:

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3

To be efficient in creating web pages, one will need to learn a third language, JavaScript. WebGraf covers that in a separate class. Right now, HTML5 and CSS3 should suffice beginners’ need as a starter.

The designer of this training course, Anil Shrivastava says, “When I took classes in HTML5 and CSS3, I found it difficult to comprehend the topics because they were front heavy. I had to struggle understanding the syntax and programming structure. In this course you will start creating the web page from very start and will learn the syntax and coding as you progress. In the end, the learners will have a nice template with a complete understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 languages.”

This course can be accessed by simply clicking on http://www.WebGraf.org then going to each lesson towards the top of the screen

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