“Terror of A Different Kind” by Anil Shrivastava ‘Musafir’

There are different ways to terrorize the populace. One way is taking up arms against a section of the citizens another is to use one’s power and influence to shut their voices off. The far-left has been using the latter tactic for decades. However, this has become very apparent and open now.

According to an article in The Wall Street Journal on February 22, 2021, two Democratic Members of Congress, Anna G. Eshoo and Jerry McNerney sent a letter to Mr. John T. Stankey, CEO AT&T, Inc asking him, “Are you planning to continue carrying Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN on U-verse, DirecTV, and AT&T TV both now and beyond any contract renewal date? If so, why?” If that is not intimidating and dangerous to a free society then what could that be? Another incident cited in The Wall Street Journal was Amazon’s purge of Ryan Anderson’s book, “When Harry Became Sally” because the book criticizes recent progressive ideas about gender-change procedures in children.

Folks in such positions of authority are displaying gunslinger attitudes to vent their political or societal expressions, thereby fueling dangerous passions. The left-leaning social media platforms are more powerful and dangerous than our agenda-driven Senators and Members of Congress in Washington. Consider this, Twitter in 2020 averaged around 6,000 tweets per second, 500 million per day, and an estimated 200 billion tweets in the full year! Twitter banned the sitting President of the United States with 88 million followers for his provocative remarks. Other prominent conservatives who were banned are Alex Jones, Dan Bongino (conservative political commentator), Sydney Powell (pro-Trump lawyer), Ben Garrison (conservative cartoonist), Kangana Ranaut (conservative Indian actress), The Daily Citizen (fundamentalist Christian newspaper), Jim Hoft (editor of a conservative news site), Wayne Allyn Root (conservative activist) and many many more. No such actions were ever taken to punish provocateurs of the radical left. What about Twitter’s stated objective of ‘a free and global conversation?’ What about the First Amendment – the freedom of speech?

These actions have since raised further questions about biases, double-standards, and lack of accountability. The following tweet from Antifa was acceptable to Twitter:@ANTIFA_US “Tonight’s the night, Comrades,” with a brown raised fist emoji and “Tonight we say ‘F— The City’ and we move into the residential areas… the white hoods…. and we take what’s ours …”Here is a statement by Representative Maxine Waters: “Already, you have members of your Cabinet that have been booed out of restaurants, who have protesters taking up at their house who sang, ‘No peace, no sleep. No peace, no sleep.’… so let’s stay the course. Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere …” To clarify, I am neither a rightist nor a leftist, but I feel that any provocation coming from either group is equally dangerous to our democratic system.

That reminds me of a fable I read in my childhood: A frog came out of a well and invited a snake to come inside the well where the snake could eat other frogs. They both became friends. After eating up all the frogs in the well, the snake wanted to eat his friend. The frog reminded him of their friendship. Thereupon the snake remarked, “You are a fool and a fool cannot be my friend.”

Moral of the story: recognize the present and imminent danger now so that we do not repent later.

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