A Tale of Two Souls by Anil Shrivastava ‘Musafir’

Two souls accidentally met in the darkness and void of the universe traveling at FLT (faster than the speed of light). Since they were traveling in the same direction, they seemed stationary relative to each other and decided to chat (in English, of course).

Soul 1: “What will be your next assignment?”

Soul 2: “Don’t know! Right now, I am simply hurtling through space sideways. How about you?”

Soul 1: “I am going to reside in the body of thermophiles. They are cursed to live at high temperatures. Unfortunately, they feel the burn but cannot get out of the situation.”

Soul 2: “Too bad! How was your last assignment like?”

Soul 1: “Very complex! I was stationed inside the body of a human being belonging to homo sapiens species.”

Soul 2: “Where was that? “

Soul 1: “It was on the planet earth in the Milky Way galaxy about 28,000 light-years from the Galactic Center and 20 light-years above the Galactic Equator.”

Soul 2: “Why was your assignment so complex?”

Soul 1: “The earthlings are the most intriguing piece of machinery. They have fluctuating metabolism, puny memory. They are unpredictable and inconstant. They spend all their time worrying about water oxygen and food. They have an incalculable short life but they carry a big ego. They spend one-third of their lives sleeping. And worst of all, their structure starts to break down in their midlife.”

Soul 2: “Well, at least you can count your blessing that you had a very short assignment.”

Soul 1: “Yes, that‘s amazing. Doesn‘t that make you wonder that instead of letting the earthlings die so soon and having to make new ones, why can‘t He keep the ones He already has now?”

Soul 2: “That‘s a waste alright. What else about the earthlings?”

Soul 1: “Talking of waste, they are endowed with sense, reason and intellect, but they have decided to forgo their use. As a result of their karma, I have to take another assignment now. Some call it rebirth.”

By this time the two souls were traveling through Galaxy NGC4414 compressing the space in front of them and expanding the space behind them. That‘s what naturally happens when non-matters travel at FLT.

Soul 1: “What about you now? Where are you headed to?”

Soul 2: “I don‘t know. I have been wandering for more than five light years hoping to meet God. Sometimes I feel like shouting out loud, ‘God, are You real, or are You playing a tricks on me?”

Soul 1: “Well, tell me about your last assignment. Hopefully, I can solve the mystery.”

Soul 2: “To start with, I belonged in antimatter – the mirror of this universe. Everything there was opposite to this universe. This asymmetry is also called baryogenesis.”

Soul 1: “That‘s interesting! How was the creature you were assigned to?”

Soul 2: “Every creature of that baryogenesis spoke the truth, let alone the body that I was assigned to. Everyone loved his/her neighbors. They had no desire for riches, False-prestige, status or fame. They never yearned to harm others. Greed and attachment were completely absent from their lives.”

Soul 1: “I know exactly what has happened to you. You are liberated from the cycle of rebirths. You won‘t have any assignments anymore.”

Soul 2: “That‘s scary! How do I pass my time now?”

Soul 1: “You should stop wandering; suspend yourself right here and meditate until you merge with God, the ocean of all souls.”

Soul 2: “Why meditate?”

Soul 1: “Well, that’s better than doing nothing!”

Soul 1said goodbye and parted way and continued his journey to enter into the body of the thermophiles.

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