Friday Fun: Don’t Listen to Health Tips on Social Media

July 19 facebook

I am sick of health advice on social media Thanks to Facebook and WhatsApp, everyone and his uncle is sending me unsolicited advice every minute. The constant health tips that I receive on Facebook and WhatsApp are really wearing me down. Just this morning I received this great news from my long lost cousin on WhatsApp:

“VERY URGENT AND IMPORTANT NEWS! Please make it a point of FORWARDING this IMPORTANT NEWS after Reading like I am doing RIHT NOW. Medicine for all kinds of CANCER has been FOUND!! You can get it from Wangdyu, Bhutan. AGAIN PLEASE DON’T DELETE THIS without FORWARDING.”

Another health tip suggested that I should eat belleric myrobalan and the oily sap of the guggul for breakfast. I should add boswellia acid to my lunch and should eat Goto Kola with dinner to prevent aging related diseases such as heart attacks, memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. The warriors of Afghanistan and the indigenous of Micronesia have been taking these herbs for ages. Those warriors never quit regardless of their age.

Personally, I think that those tips are ridiculous. My most favorite health tips come from Dr. Fu Kim Wong. According to Dr. Wong, “save the parts of your body which are still working.” Don’t do wasteful cardio-vascular exercises. Like any machinery and equipment, our heart also has a limited life. Our heart is only good for so many beats. Don’t waste those beats on exercise. Everything wears out eventually. Speeding up heart will not make you live longer. It’s like saying you extend life of a car by driving faster. Want to live longer? Take a nap.

Similarly, sit-ups are bad for you. Think about it. When you exercise your muscles, they get bigger. You should only be doing sit-ups if you want bigger stomach.

Another tip, don’t do swimming for exercise. You can do it as a hobby. If swimming were good for your figure, explain whale to me.

For those who enjoy alcohol, do not quit. No, not at all. Wine is made from fruit. Brandy is distilled wine. That means they take water out of fruity bit so you get even more of goodness of fruits that way. Beer also is made from grain. We all know that grain is good for us.

Don’t get in the trap of worrying about your body mass ratio. That gives rise to obsessive compulsive Disorder (OCD). If God has given us body, we will have mass.

Don’t listen to folks who ask you to avoid fried food. These days food is mostly fried in vegetable oil. How could getting more vegetable be bad for you?

In the end here is a sweetener, eat more chocolate. Chocolate is cocoa bean –another vegetable. Eat more chocolate and feel good. You want to get in shape? Hey round is a shape too!


“Nothing Happens in This Town” by Anil Shrivastava ‘Musafir’


“…you will never right the wrongs of this world. The only thing your activity will accomplish is to make some of you feel better. Such activity makes powerless people feel useful, and provides them the illusion that they’re making a difference. But it doesn’t work. Nothing changes….” George Carlin

That’s very true. Nothing has changed in this town called America since World War II despite sanctions, threats, wars, embargoes, negotiations, bickering, investigations, or regime changes. The status quo remains and we return to the same place where we started from.

Take North Korea for instance. I have been keenly watching US-North Korea relationship since 1985.  North Korea has been developing nuclear weapons and missiles all those years. The United States has pursued a variety of policy responses to the proliferation challenge posed by North Korea including war threats, sanctions and negotiations. Nothing changed.

Iran has been a thorn by USA’s side for the last 40 years (since 1979). USA  threatened Iran, sent warships, placed sanctions against them. They are still bickering. The former keeps on testing missiles and enriching plutonium. Nothing changed.

China keeps on challenging USA militarily and economically. USA has been warning China; putting tariff on their exports and has been sending warships into the China Sea. China keeps increasing its influence in Asia. They are about to match USA in arms and in space capabilities. They may overtake USA as the biggest economic power in the coming decade. Nothing changed except the rise of China.

Both Russia (then the USSR) and USA fought wars against Afghanistan. USA is in the fourteenth year of war against the Taliban. They have bombed them, threatened them and have spent trillions of dollars in that god forsaken country. Taliban is still alive. USA soldiers are still being slaughtered there. Nothing changed.

USA has been negotiating peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians since the birth of Israel in 1948 (71 years ago). Israelis are still killing the Palestinians and the latter is still demanding a homeland. Nothing changed.

USA toppled Saddam Hussain in 2003 on the false pretense of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). After spending trillions of dollars there and rebuilding Iraq while neglecting our own country, the killing is still going on in Iraq involving the Kurds, the Sunnis and Shias. Other than spending trillions of dollars we lost thousands of young lives and crippled our youth mentally and physically. Despite all that nothing changed.

We have been trying to change regimes in Cuba and Venezuela for decades. All we got in return is defeat in Bay of Pigs and recent embarrassment in Venezuela. Nothing changed.

Back home, our elected members have been fighting each other in the name of health insurance reform, immigration policy, education reform, infrastructure improvement, and ways to save school children from random shooting. Nothing happens. Nothing changed.

All we do is get excited and increase our blood pressure watching and listening to the rhetoric of our politician and media gurus. We believe in what they say and quarrel about whether to praise Trump or burry him. In the meantime nothing changes. If we want real change, we should get the rascals out from Washington. Get rid of partisanship. Write to your Senators and Congressman to do real job for which you elected them. Be an independent thinker. May be that will bring the real change. Are you listening?

Democracy ion India’s DNA -6 (Last Installment)


–Indian law says that nobody should travel more than 1.25 miles to vote

–As a result the officials trek through the mountains and jungle (15,000 feet above sea level) s in a tiger infested area to capture the vote of one person who is a hermit (see the picture below)

–2,293 political parties are contesting in the general election (though BJP and Congress parties are the main contenders)

–See the pics of mega road shows by two main candidates Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi (with her sister Priyank daring the crowd despite their father and grandmother were murdered –Rajiv and Indira Gandhi)

–8,000 candidates are running for 543 seats (2 are reserved for the Anglo-Indians)

–I million polling stations are set up across India

–11 million polling officials are deployed to oversee the election

–And our TV media keeps us in dark


Democracy in India’s DNA -5


Democracy in India’s DNA –-5 TECHNOLOGY)

–Indian election system is tamper proof

–All the 700 million voters use Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) (no paper; no hanging chads)

–The use of Election Photo Identity Cards for voters at the time of voting is used to  achieve the goal of fair elections

–The electoral roll has also been cleaned by using de-duplication software across the country

–Another Portal called Samadhan monitors the complaints received and is visible to all the stakeholders -right from the complainant to the Election Commission in Delhi.

–There is direct webcasting of the poll from the polling station. Any person can watch all the activities at the polling station from anywhere in the country.

–Spread the word to your elected officials so they learn from India


Democracy in India’s DNA – 3,4


Democracy in India’s DNA – 3

–Indian General Election is a celebration of people’s power
— People from all over the world come to watch the greatest show on earth
–Democracy (election) is sanctimonious for the Indians



Democracy in India’s DNA – 4

India is the most diverse nation in the world:
–It’s a land of Aryans, Dravidian, Mongols, Negrito, Greeks, Huns and more
–It has the largest population of the Hindus in the world
–It has second largest population of the Muslims after Indonesia
–India is the land of 30 million peaceful Christians
–It has the largest population of the Sikhs, Janis and Zoroastrians
–Buddhism started in India. The Dalai Lama took shelter in India like millions of refugees throughout the ages and leaves freely there
–The Indian constitution lists 22 languages spoken across 29 different states of India
–But they all vote as Indians

Democracy in India’s DNA -1,2

india general election 3

Democracy in India’s DNA -1

15 million aged 18 or 19 — will be casting ballots for the first time in India.


Democracy in India’s DNA -2
—-67% voter turnout – more than 700 million people will cast vote
—-India has the highest altitude polling station in the world, 15,256: Feet in elevation above sea level in Tashigang, a Buddhist settlement near the Chinese borde

World View: “Why the Fizzled Overthrow of Maduro Reminds Us of Bay of Pigs?”By Anil Shrivastava ‘Musafir’

America’s failed support to uprising in its backyard (Venezuela) last week reminds us of another American debacle 53 years ago this month known as Bay of Pigs. Unfortunately, the U.S. hasn’t learned the lesson from its failures not to raise expectation and then at the last moment taking away the support. Why is not the United States, with all its might, able to do anything about the thorns by its side, viz., Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua? Maybe, the United States is afraid of 25,000 Cuban troops on top of the Russian troops that were sent to Caracas in March 2019 to support Maduro.

 We were late in taking action against Cuba and North Korea and we let them grow as threats to our security. Seems like history is repeating itself in Venezuela. America’s weakness is evident from the following exchange. President Trump asked Putin to get out of Venezuela. Putin did not consider worth his time replying to his orders. Instead his Foreign Minister shouted back that the U.S. should get out of Syria first. The fact is that the United States is afraid of confronting Russia in its own backyard.

 Just like the U.S. has interest in oil fields in the Middle East, Russia has interest in lucrative gas fields off the coast of Venezuela through its state-owned oil giant, Rosneft. On top of that Moscow has also earned $11.4 billion selling military equipment to Caracas, and currently exports about $70-$80 million worth of non-military goods to the southern country. Not only that, two Russian factories — one that will make Kalashnikov assault rifles and another that will make ammunition for them — are currently under construction in Venezuela.

July 19 venezuelaThe same is true of Cuba and Nicaragua. The Russian strategy is to confront the U.S. which is grounded in the Kremlin’s idea of a new world in which the U.S. doesn’t have the absolute power anywhere in the world. The U.S. has a reputation as a late comer to the game and being an unreliable partner. Thus, it is not able to exert its influence even its own backyard. That seems to be the answer to the puzzle




Neglect of Indian General Election – I am Mad As Hell by Anil Shrivastava ‘Musafir’

If you live in America and depend on TV channels for news, you probably don’t know that India and Indians are having the greatest show on Earth right now. India had had this show, also known as ‘general election,’ sixteenth times before the current one. Every time there was an orderly change of power (whenever the ruling party lost) without any coup or disturbance. It won’t be a euphuism to say that democracy is embedded in the Indian blood.

Having said that, more than 700 million Indians are currently voting to send 543 (total of 545 as two are nominated by Anglo-Indian community) Members of Parliament (MPs), who will choose a Prime Minister to lead the administration of the country. India, the largest democracy in the world with the largest diversity human race has ever known is an oasis in the strife-ridden region of Asia in that part of the world. It can truly be said to be a “shining city upon a hill.” (Courtesy Ronald Reagan)

It’s a shame that the American media is again neglecting India’s exercise in democracy while spending all its time covering the news about Afghanistan, Israel and Trump’s impeachment possibilities. I call this the dumbing of America and this is done purposely as another act of social engineering.

Some argue that the media cater to people’s interest. It ain’t so. Media have a responsibility to educate its audience and readers. While growing up in India, I knew who then Cassius Clay was. I remember the great presidential contest of 1960 between Richard M Nixon and John F Kennedy – all because the press in India provided me the coverage. In a sense, they educated me. I am pretty sure that people in the land of Lincoln, who famously said, “Government of the people, for the people and by the people,” would like to know about the general election in world’s largest democracy.

Please take some time and write to all TV channels and ask them to cover the Indian general election. If not, at least go to your windows and shout, “I am mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore.” (Character Howard Beale in 1976 movie Network)

Click here to watch:

Science: “It’s the Best of Times, But It Can Get Worse’ By Anil Shrivastava ‘Musafir’

Science: “It’s the Best of Times, But It Can Get Worse’ By Anil Shrivastava ‘Musafir’

As if apocalyptic earth quakes, volcano eruptions, strong solar flares, giant meteorites hitting the earth were not enough cataclysmal events to annihilate us, I just discovered one more to scare us out of our wits. It’s called Earth’s Magnetic Field Flip.

Earth’s magnetic field flip is another name for earth’s magnetic pole reversal. Should that occur, north will become south and vice versa. This phenomenon may also be called a geomagnetic apocalypse in which satellites will start falling from the sky, and life on Earth will cease to exist as we know it.

According to the geologists, this event has occurred 200,000 times in the last 20 million years of earth’ history. The last reversal happened about 780,000 years ago. Unfortunately, this reversal can be very chaotic as it takes place gradually resulting into formation of more than two magnetic poles during the transition. This means we’ll not be adequately protected from damaging solar and cosmic radiations during the transition.

It will create a lot of confusion for the survivors. Antarctica will become North and Canada will become South. Another consequence could be that earth may collide with heavenly objects because earth’s magnetic field will become weaker for a long time. Earth may also be frequently hit by high-energy particles flying around in space.

The next magnetic flip may already have started since the geomagnetic field has been decaying for the last 3,000 years (according to the European Centre for Research and Teaching of Environmental Geosciences aka CEREGE). Fortunately, a flip doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it takes anywhere from a century to 20,000 years to complete.

Of course, God has enough tools in His arsenal to remind us of our mortality and make us grateful for what He has already bestowed upon us. We are here during a blessed time, so enjoy while it lasts.July 19 Science

Friday Fun: ‘It’s Mueller Time in America’ Musafir

Vladimir Putin finally finished his redaction of Mueller Report and handed the same to AG Barr for release to us Americans. Putin worked so hard redacting the report (after consuming two bottles of Vodka) that the report is rendered meaningless.

President Trump is so frustrated that he is dropping thousands of his fired employees in sanctuary cities. Someone spotted a dangerous looking man walking inside Starbucks in San Francisco. For a moment he thought that it was Steve Bannon. Then he realized that he was mistaken. However, other customers started leaving the establishment in panic. Now he knows that he was not mistaken the first time.

London Breed, the Mayor of San Francisco has asked Mr. Trump not to dump his fired employees in SF anymore as the city was full.

Barr who was not satisfied with Putin’s redaction, used markers in a closed room to redact more entries. Since he used those markers without proper ventilation, he became seriously sick and was rushed to the nearest hospital.

Meanwhile, in America it’s Mueller time. Everyone is expressing his or her opinion on Mueller Report. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, without naming names, said that this was an attack on liars. In this country everyone had a right to lie. She also added that attack on one liar was an attack on all liars.

Democrats are having too much fun with Mueller time. So much so, that they will be busy for the next two years trying to impeach Trump. They are too intoxicated to do any secondary work such as running this country.